Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam is easily accessible by car and public transport. The hotel is located directly on the A13 and close to the A20. From Rotterdam Central you can reach the Vliegveldweg bus stop opposite the hotel within 15 minutes by public transport. 

Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam 

Vliegveldweg 59-61 3043 NT Rotterdam 

T: +31 10 462 5566 E:  



Public transport

Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam has its own car park, exclusively for visitors to the hotel, Kraamzorghotel Noord and Bergman Clinics. You can park for free for the first three hours with us. After this, you pay €4 per hour. For hotel guests, the first 24 hours are free of charge, after this you pay €4 euro per hour. Room guests pay a reduced rate of €5 euro for a day. Normally, this would be €20 euros.

Parking your car for a longer period of time is only possible if you fly from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to your holiday destination with our Park, Sleep and Fly package. 

Public transport

When you travel to the hotel by public transport, take bus 33 at Rotterdam Central towards Meijersplein Metro. The bus takes about 15 minutes to get to the Vliegveldweg bus stop. From the Vliegveldweg bus stop, cross the main road to the paved road. Via the paved road you walk straight ahead for +/- 1 minute towards the barriers, behind which you will find the hotel. View the information about the accessibility of the hotel by public transport here. 


The bus to the center of Rotterdam from the hotel departs from the other bus stop on the other side of the street. The center of The Hague is also easily accessible by public transport. Bus 33 towards Rotterdam The Hague Airport has the Meijersplein metro station as its final stop. From here the E line leaves for Rotterdam Central and The Hague Central. At the reception of the hotel we sell RET day tickets for € 9.50. For current departure times, go to or